Why Is My Furnace Humming?

Why Is My Furnace Humming?

As winter settles in and the thermostat kicks into action, you may find yourself attuned to the symphony of sounds your furnace produces. Among the...
Why Is Your Furnace Short Cycling?

Why Is Your Furnace Short Cycling?

Introduction: Picture this: your home is getting chillier, and you're relying on your furnace to keep you warm. However, you start noticing an unus...
 woman sitting on couch enjoying air flow from furnace.

Which Way Does Air Flow in a Furnace? And How to Replace an Air Filter Properly

Keep your HVAC system running efficiently by understanding your furnace's air flow and how to install air filters correctly. Learn more here.
man wearing baseball hat performing furnace maintenance

10 DIY Furnace Maintenance Tasks to Complete Before Winter

Ready to save money on heating costs? It starts with proper furnace maintenance. Check out our 10-step guide to get your furnace in top shape for winter.
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8 Signs Your Furnace Heat Exchanger Has Gone Bad

Has your furnace been acting up? A failing heat exchanger may be the culprit. Find out how to address the issue before it's too late.
close up of a pilot light

How To Light A Pilot Light

Some gas furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces use pilot lights to ignite the gas that heats them. These appliances become inoperable when the pilot goes out, but luckily, even an amateur can learn how to light a pilot light.
fan coil unit installed in hotel room

Fan Coil Unit | What Is It and How Does It Work?

A fan coil unit is one alternative system for homes without ductwork. Fan coil units come in various styles, but they all use a fan and a coil to heat and cool air. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of fan coils, and discover if a fan coil unit is suitable for your home.
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What Size Furnace Do I Need? Important Factors To Consider

The most important question to answer before shopping for a new furnace is, "What size furnace do I need?" With an understanding of the essential factors and simple calculations, you'll be able to estimate your ideal furnace size.
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Is Duct Cleaning A Waste Of Money? Here’s What To Know

Is duct cleaning a waste of money? If you want to improve your home's air quality, wait to clean your ducts or schedule a cleaning until you have considered these essential points.
HVAC professional replacing furnace ECM blower motor

ECM Motor - Everything You Need To Know

Does your furnace fan utilize an ECM motor? Learn how energy-efficient ECM motors can considerably reduce energy costs while providing increased comfort and better air quality.
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8 Types Of Heating Systems For Your Home

Choosing an HVAC system for your home can feel overwhelming when you discover how many heating systems exist. Learning which system is appropriate for your climate, home size, and other circumstances is critical to maintaining a comfortable home environment and affordable energy bills.
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10 Reasons Why Your Furnace Is Not Kicking On When Temp Drops

Is your furnace not kicking on when the temp drops inside your home? Sometimes, a minor issue prevents the furnace from kicking on. Learn how homeowners can investigate some common causes and implement the solutions.