The Furnace Outlet Lowest Price Guarantee

Price Beat Promise. Simple. We'll Beat It!

We constantly compare our prices to our competitors' prices to ensure we're giving you the best price available online. If we have missed something, here's our promise: If you find the same product available for a better price any place else, we will beat the price or we will give you $100. 

To receive the best price, please use the live chat icon in the lower-right corner of any page on our website, email us at or use the contact us form to send us the following details:


  • Your first and last name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your shipping address
  • Product name and SKU number of the product you purchased or would like to purchase
  • Competitor's price (including shipping, processing, taxes, and all other fees)
  • Website address (URL) of the competitor's product offering

If you have already purchased a product and have found a lower price, we must be contacted within 2 business days of the purchase. We will credit the difference to the form of payment with which you placed the order.

Lowest Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions

The competitor's product must be the identical model from an authorized U.S. dealer. Specifically, the product must have the same model number, contain the same components, and be brand new (not refurbished or considered a scratch and dent). We reserve the right to verify another online company's product availability and price before issuing a price match or refund. The Lowest Price Guarantee applies to the total cost to purchase and deliver the item. The price matches cannot be combined with additional coupons, sales, or other promotions.