PTAC Sizing Chart and Guide - Amana PTACS, Hotel Air Conditioners, More!

PTAC Sizing Chart and Guide - Amana PTACS, Hotel Air Conditioners, More!

PTAC Sizing Guide / PTAC Size Chart. Step By Step Explanation With Visuals. Choose Between Top Brands Such As Amana PTACS, GE PTACS, Hotpoint PTACS & More!
man installing whole house dehumidifier in attic of home

Whole House Dehumidifier Pros and Cons–Is It Right for Me?

Is a whole house dehumidifier necessary for your home? Moist, humid air isn't only unpleasant; it can cause significant issues within a house. Learn about the signs of high humidity and whether a whole-house dehumidifier is appropriate for your home.
mini split air conditioner outside against a blue exterior wall of house

What Does BTU Stand For?

Proper sizing is essential for efficient air conditioning. Learn what BTUs are and why they are crucial to consider when shopping for an air conditioner.
The Ultimate Air Conditioner Buyers Guide

The Ultimate Air Conditioner Buyers Guide

This guide will help you understand the basics of an air conditioner and help you decide on the best model for your home.
humid house window with condensation

Why Is My House So Humid?

If you suddenly wonder, “Why is my house so humid,” it might have more to do with conditions inside your home than outside. Certain situations and personal habits can increase the humidity inside houses. Fortunately, homeowners can take these actions to reduce their homes’ humidity levels.
HVAC professional looking for Freon leak in air conditioner unit outside of home

Does Freon Leak When AC Is Off?

Freon does not typically leak from air conditioners, but if you have a leak within the system, the refrigerant will continue to escape after you shut off your air conditioner. Learn what signs you should look out for and what to do if you suspect a Freon leak.
man inspecting home vent for cause of musty smell from his air conditioner

5 Reasons for Musty Smell Air Conditioning

A musty smell from air conditioning is a common complaint, but it’s not normal for air-conditioned air to smell musty; air-conditioned air shouldn’t smell at all. Learn what underlying issues strange smells from your air conditioner can indicate.
man holding his nose because of fishy smell from air conditioner

Fishy Smell Air Conditioner - What Could Be Wrong?

The most common cause for an unexplained fish odor in the home is not mold or dead animals in the crawlspace, as many people might think. Learn why your air conditioner's odd, fishy smell should never be overlooked.
woman holding nose because of burning smell from AC

Burning Smell from AC? 5 Common Causes and How to Fix It

A burning smell from the AC can be alarming. Fortunately, a burning odor emanating from the air conditioner or vents is not usually dangerous or indicative of a fire. Learn what issues can cause your air conditioner to smell like it's burning.
central air conditioner units outside of home with blue siding and white garage door

How Long Do HVAC Systems Last?

Learn what factors affect your HVAC system life expectancy, what elements are out of your control, and what you can do to keep your system running smoothly for years to come.
closeup of air conditioner nameplate with R-22 freon circled for importance

How to Tell What Kind of Freon My AC Uses

Knowing what kind of Freon your air conditioner uses is valuable knowledge, especially in the event of a Freon leak. Learn how to determine your air conditioner’s refrigerant type and your options if it utilizes R-22 Freon.
energy guide label on home air conditioner unit with efficiency SEER rating

What Is a SEER Rating?

The SEER rating is one factor to consider when you’re in the market for a new air conditioner. However, a higher SEER rating is not necessarily a better choice. Learn what a SEER rating is and what other elements you should consider with the SEER rating to get the best bang for your buck.