GE 8,000 BTU 115 Volt Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with Heat

  • 8,000 BTU cooling, 4,200 BTUh, and 9.6 CEER
  • 115 Volt
  • Built-in WiFi powered by SmartHQ™
  • New installs require RAB26A wall sleeve
  • Dimensions: 15 5/8 H x 26 W x 21 13/16 D

Save $225.63

Retail price:Wholesale price:
Wholesale price$1,353.78 Sale price$1,128.15

As low as $27.92 per month


GE appliances make every day better by answering real-life needs. They do this by simplifying routines with next-generation features. The GE 8,000 BTU 115 Volt Through-the-Wall Air Conditioner with Heat gives you all the perks of a window air conditioning unit without using a window. 


  • Built-in WiFi powered by SmartHQ™.
  • Premium Guard Seacoast Protection: Special coatings and double coats of paint on key components including coils, the base pan, compressor, and stainless screws.
  • True Built-In Design: The ultimate fit and finish for more usable space and the best built-in installation. The sleeve and chassis are perfectly integrated, creating a seamless fit without leaks or gaps.
  • Premium Finish: Bright, clean color and a decorative metallic silver accent encasing the air discharge louver provide an overall sleek appearance.
  • Electronic Cap Touch Controls:  Controls offer a high-end and smooth-to-the-touch panel.
  • Large LCD Auto-Dimming Display: Intuitive and large white LCD display can be easily seen anywhere in the room. The convenient Auto-Dimming feature provides ambient lighting during the night.
  • Slim Room Front: A slim room front provides more usable space in the room. It’s the sleekest design in the industry.
  • ECO Mode: Innovative mode where the fan cycles off during cooling intervals, creating energy savings while keeping the room comfortable.
  • Dry Mode: Designed for humid environments, it helps provide a dryer and a more comfortable atmosphere with room-air dehumidification.
  • Auto Mode: Automatically select heating or cooling mode and fan speed to maintain the current temperature setpoint. It monitors the room temperature for optimal comfort.
  • 6-Way Directional Airflow: Direct where the air flows with up to 6 directional vents—cooling the areas of the room that need it the most.
  • Washable Filter: Easy to remove and clean, the filter helps remove dust and other particles from transmitting in the air—providing a more hygienic environment. 
  • Remote Control Included: Slim, intuitive, and easy to use, the remote control enables adjusting temperatures and settings conveniently from anywhere in the room.
  • Quiet Performance: Designed and engineered by GE Appliances for ultra-quiet comfort
  • Commercial Grade: Designed for durability with high-grade components and tested for long performance

All GE TTW models require a wall sleeve for initial installation. 



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