GE Zoneline PTAC Condensate Internal/External Drain Kit RAD10

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Although the Zoneline units are designed to dissipate all of the condensate generated during normal cooling operations, there may be times when abnormal operating conditions cause more condensate than the unit can dissipate. Heat pumps also generate condensate that the unit may not be designed to dissipate. This internal or external drain system should be installed if condensate dripping from the wall case is objectionable.

For more positive control of condensate water, the drain kit routes condensate to the exterior or the interior of the building through the wall case. Drain tube assemblies are 1/2" O.D. copper and consist of a short right angle tube and a 3" long straight line to suit the particular application. Suitable provision (field applied) should be made to connect the RAD10 drain tube to a drain system in the building.



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