SpeediChannel 4in. Fitting Kit

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SpeediChannel 4in. Fitting Kit

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DiversiTech's SpeediChannel™ is a system used to cover line sets, drain lines, and control cables when they can cannot be installed in a wall. Featuring the unique SpeediClip, DiversiTech™s SpeediChannel™ system can be installed extremely quickly by one person.

The SpeediChannel™ Fitting Kits provides a simple mix of the basic fittings used in a typical SpeediChannel™ installation job. Included in the basic kits are one coupling, one wall penetration, one inside elbow, one long radius flat bend, and one pack of ten SpeediClips and 11in. cable ties. The 230-IKC3 and 230-IKC4 Installation kits include three 48" pieces of channel and selected fittings.

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