Hotpoint 7,200 BTU PTAC Heat Pump and 3.4 kW Electric Heat Backup

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Hotpoint 7,200 BTU PTAC Heat Pump and 3.4 kW Electric Heat Backup

  • 7,300 BTU cooling capacity and 11.9 EER rating
  • New installs require RAB80 wall sleeve and RAG70 rear grille
  • Factory installed 20 amp, 208/230 volt LCDI power cord
  • Dimensions: 16 in. x 42 in. x 21 in.

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The AH12H07D3B Hotpoint PTAC requires a grille and wall sleeve for new installations. However, if you are replacing a PTAC unit, your current grille and sleeve may be fine. It has a cooling capacity of 7,200 BTUs, a reverse cycle heat pump with 6,000 BTUs, and an 11.9 EER rating. The 20 amp, 208/230-volt power cord will deliver 3.4 kW of electric backup heat.

As an owner/operator, you have temperature limiting options that allow you to select one of four temperature ranges for total comfort and peak efficiency. Hotpoint also offers Intuitive Display, allowing owners and guests to customize their preferred settings on the easy-to-use control panel easily. The control panel features soft-touch pads to select the temperature, mode, and fan speed easily. Indicator lights display mode, fan speeds, and an LCD display for temperature. The unit can display temperature at either °F or °C.

A nine-point diagnostic code system helps quickly identify your unit's service needs. Additionally, in the event of a power failure, the Auto Power Recovery feature on Hotpoint PTAC units will automatically restart your unit in the mode it was in when power was lost. Hotpoint PTAC units also offer Freeze and Frost Protection to help keep your unit in top condition. A sensor on the indoor coil monitors the coil temperature and turns the compressor off until the coil warms up. The fan will continue running when this occurs.

Other standard features for the Hotpoint PTAC units include:

  • Remote Thermostat Capability
  • Central Desk Control Capability
  • Removable Filters for easy maintenance
  • Tangential fan for smooth airflow and low sound

New installations require a RAG70 rear grille and a RAB80 wall sleeve.



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