Gree MC20700140 - Multi XK-19 Wired Tether Controller

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Gree MC20700140 - Multi XK-19 Wired Tether Controller

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Gree MC20700140 - Multi XK-19 Wired Tether Controller

The Gree Wired Tether Controller, XK 19 Series, is designed to fit seamlessly on any wall. You can install it easily with keyed connectors and 26 feet of cable (included with your purchase). The controller can be mounted flush on the wall or using an electrical box.

Command Center
Set up and operate your ductless system from this fully lit large LCD display. The XK series allows you to quickly access a large number of system features and functions:

The unit will start with the last setting that you had set up.

Operating Mode
Choose from different operating modes: Cooling, Heating, Dry, Fan Only, or Auto.

Fan Speed
The system’s fan speeds can be adjusted for comfort.

Room Set-Point
Dialing in the correct room set-point temperature is made simple with the XK Tethered Controller. Most indoor units allow a room set-point from 61° F to 86° F (16° C to 30° C).

Timer Mode
Timer mode allows you to program a time period (from one-half to 24 hours) to automatically turn your system ON or OFF.

Sleep Mode
The XK series adjusts during sleep time the room temperature. This small change in temperature will not wake you or affect your sleeping cycle, but it will save energy consumption and will lower electric bills.

Turbo Mode
Turbo mode is used to cool or heat a room quickly. It forces the system to run at a faster pace to reach the comfort level that you are seeking.

X-Fan Mode
Prevent mold and mildew in your indoor coil and fan with the X-Fan function. It removes moisture when the system is OFF.

Privacy Lock
To prevent tampering with the system’s settings the XK series has a Privacy Lock feature. This way you will have full control of temperature

Power Failure Recovery
When the power goes out the wired XK controller stores all the settings in non-volatile memory. Once the power returns the system will automatically come back to the stored settings.

Swing Louver Control
The XK series gives you full control over motorized discharge air louvers. This way, you can optimize air distribution throughout the selected zone.

Fahrenheit or Celsius Display
Select Fahrenheit or Celsius display mode. The XK controller can be set up to either one for your comfort.

Diagnostic Center
The system constantly scans the operating conditions for errors and malfunctions. If there are any it will correct them or stop. All the status codes will be displayed to assist troubleshooting and repair.

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