Goodman AWST24SU1408 2 Ton Wall Mounted Air Handler with 8 kW Heat Kit

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Goodman AWST24SU1408 2 Ton Wall Mounted Air Handler with 8 kW Heat Kit

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Goodman air handlers are integral to finishing a total home environment control system. The AWST plays a crucial role in reducing indoor humidity to create a more comfortable environment.

The AWST24SU1408 works with an ECM motor to efficiently move cooled or warmed air throughout your home at precisely the speed you need. This wall-mounted air handler can be installed vertically on the wall with the provided wall-hanging bracket. You can choose between a front or bottom return, giving additional installation flexibility.

  • All-Aluminum Evaporator Coil: Designed for durable performance and corrosion resistance along with a thermostatic expansion valve to optimize heat transfer.
  • Electric Heat: Rust-resistant nickel chromium heating element that is sequence-controlled.
  • Built-In Filter Rack: Save money with a built-in filter rack and the included filter.
  • Extended Warranty: Goodman offers a 10-year limited parts warranty when you register your product online within 60 days of installation. An unregistered product has the standard 5-year warranty.


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