Goodman 4-5 Ton Cased Evaporator A Coil - Upflow/Downflow - 21" Cabinet

  • All-alumimum design
  • Compatible with R-22 and R-410A
  • For use in Upflow/downflow applications
  • 21-inch cabinet

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GoodmanSKU: CAPF4961C6

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An air conditioner or heat pump is only as good as its evaporator coil. Luckily, Goodman designs their evaporator coils with the same mind for accessibility, longevity, and value as their other heating and cooling equipment. The CAPF4961C6 is a cased A coil used in upflow or downflow applications. The all-aluminum construction and advanced design of this coil improve its durability and heat transfer efficiency. Whether replacing a failing coil or installing a new system, you can confidently choose the CAPF. Goodman pressure tests each coil twice before it leaves the factory and backs them with an excellent warranty.


  • All-Aluminum Coil - Goodman's evaporator coils use a reliable all-aluminum design featuring sine fins and grooved tubes. This design maximizes surface area and optimizes heat transfer for efficient comfort.
  • Secure Cabinet - A galvanized, embossed, and insulated cabinet protects this coil and prevents air leakage, providing superior longevity and efficiency.
  • Condensate Management - The CAPF features foil-faced insulation to inhibit condensate formation and a rust-resistant thermoplastic drain pan to capture what forms, keeping your system safe and operational.
  • Multi-Refrigerant Compatibility - R-22 refrigerant is no longer in production, but many older systems still use it. The CAPF is compatible with both R-22 and its replacement, R-410A. This makes it the perfect fit for any homeowner.
  • Extended Warranty - Goodman offers a 10-year limited parts warranty when you register your product online within 60 days of installation. An unregistered product has the standard 5-year warranty.

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