Goodman 3.5 Ton 13.4 SEER2 100,000 BTU Multi-Positional Heat Pump and Gas Furnace Package Unit

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Goodman 3.5 Ton 13.4 SEER2 100,000 BTU Multi-Positional Heat Pump and Gas Furnace Package Unit

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  • Downflow or horizontal discharge installation options
  • Low sound output with 76 decibels
  • Fully charged system
  • California Low NOx compliant

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The Goodman GPDM34210041 Dual-Fuel Heat Pump and Gas Furnace Package Unit combines cooling with heat pump and gas heating for optimal year-long performance in one self-contained unit. This unique system delivers enhanced indoor comfort by seamlessly alternating between two energy sources for heating your home with an electric heat pump and a gas furnace. As the outside temperatures change, the Goodman brand Dual-Fuel System selects the fuel source to heat your home. This unit is a great indoor comfort companion regardless of the season.


  • Energy-efficient scroll compressor
  • Heavy-duty aluminized-steel heat exchanger
  • Multi-speed ECM indoor blower motor
  • All-aluminum evaporator coil
  • Two-stage gas valve; natural gas with easy conversion to propane with accessory kit (purchased separately)
  • Power-assisted combustion
  • High and low-pressure switch protection
  • Direct spark ignition system includes a microprocessor-based control for the entire ignition sequence
  • All blower operations and all safety circuits complete with self-diagnostics
  • Complies with California Low NOx emission standards
  • AHRI Certified; ETL Listed

Installation and Maintenance

For ease of installation, the GPDM34210041 is precharged from the factory with all required refrigerants decreasing material costs. Whether its needed on a roof or next to a building, this unit is multi-positional making it high versatile in application. For ease of maintenance, the unit has two access panels: one on the top and one on the side, making it easier to reach vital parts of the unit as needed.


Goodman provides a 2-year unit replacement warranty, a 10-year parts warranty, and an impressive 20-year heat exchanger warranty. Please note that the unit must be installed following your state and local codes, and the unit must be registered online through the manufacturer for the warranty to be upheld.



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