GE Zoneline MERV 13 Makeup Replacement Air Filter RAA13


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GE Zoneline MERV 13 Makeup Replacement Air Filter RAA13

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Filters help keep dirt and debris out of your rooms and off the coils of your PTAC unit. Additionally, clean filters help to keep your unit running more efficiently. With less dirt and debris circulating in your rooms, your customers will enjoy a better "stay experience". Makeup Air Filters are no different.

MERV13 filters for GE Zoneline PTAC units are replaced at the Makeup Air module on the backside of your unit. Your unit will have to be removed from the wall sleeve to install the MERV13 filter. It is recommended that MERV13 filters are replaced every 90 days.

A MERV13 filter captures more than 98% of airborne particles. This pleated filter traps particles as small as .3 microns, keeping dust, debris, lint, pollen, pet dander, smoke, smog, mold spores, bacteria, and microscopic allergens out of your space.


  • Includes one replacement filter
  • Recommended filter change over 90 days
  • Complies with California MERV 13 MUA filtration requirements
For California Residents: View Proposition 65 Warning

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