GE Zoneline 265V UV-C Air Treatment Kit RAKUVC2

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  • Currently not available for sale or distribution in the following states: CO, DC, HI, IN, NM, NV, OK, WV, WY and PR

  • UV-C Light Technology
    Customize for the PTAC application. Designed to apply UV-C light to the air as it passes through the unit
  • High Powered LED Array
    Kit uses a 12 engineered and high-powered LED array to treat the air passing through the PTAC
  • Silicone Optics Lense
    Focuses on the light and triples the light intensity to maximize the efficiency of the UV-C treatment
  • Focused UV-C Direction on Fan
    Powerful UV-C lights are coming in a kit perfect for PTACs to be channeled and focused on the PTAC fan blade, where most air movement occurs, maximizing the disinfecting potential
  • UL Approved Solution
    Industry leading technology, approved with safety confirmed by UL
  • Universal Zoneline® Fit
    Fits all existing AZ45 and AZ65, including heat pump, corrosion treated, ICR and Makeup Air designs. Every component of kit is designed to be a perfect fit for Zoneline® PTAC application
  • Installation Required
    Owner installation required
  • Warranty 1 Year
    GE's UVC-Kit installation does not void warranty for your GE Zoneline® Air Conditioner



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