GE Zoneline 230/208V 15A Universal Power Cord Kit RAK315P

  • Six-foot power cord with LCDI
  • 4-pin connector
  • Low-voltage personality plug
  • 15 Amps | 230/208V

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A GE RAK Series Power Cord is a required accessory when purchasing a GE Zoneline® Air Conditioner or Heat Pump, as these units do not come with power cords. The choice of power cord determines the amount of electric resistive heat.

See the chart below:

Line Cord Kit BTUh Watts Amps Min. Circuit Protection
RAK315P 8,100/6,600 2,430/2,020 10.6/9.7 15 Amps
RAK320P 11,500/9,400 3,450/2,860 15.1/13.8 20 Amps
RAK330P 16,300/13,400 4,860/4,020 21.2/19.3 30 Amps

RAK315P Features:

  • Six-foot power cord with LCDI 
  • 4-pin connector 
  • Low-voltage personality plug 
  • 15 Amps 



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