GE RealMAX 26 Gallon Capacity Top Port Lowboy Electric Water Heater


GE RealMAX 26 Gallon Capacity Top Port Lowboy Electric Water Heater

  • 53 Gallon First Hour Rating
  • 90°F-150°F Temperature Setting Range
  • Connects to 240-Volt Supply
  • 3/4" Water Inlet and Hot Water Outlet Connection Size
  • Dimensions: 24" W x 31-1/4" H x 24" D

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GE RealMAX Electric Water Heaters offer best-in-class performance delivering excellent efficiency and high first hour ratings. With the RealMAX series of water heaters, users reliably get the true hot water capacity stated on the unit.


  • The lowboy configuration makes the most of tight spaces with a water heater that fits where height is a concern.
  • Provides hot water for the whole family of 1 to 3 persons.
  • Two 5.5 kW heating elements quickly increase water temperature for hot water when needed.
  • The inlet tube replenishes water from the bottom of the tank to maximize hot water delivery.
  • Replace your old water heater quickly and easily using standard water and electrical connections.
  • Durable design of the anode rod offers long-lasting protection against corrosion.
  • Rust-proof construction of the drain valve can be counted on to provide long-lasting service.
  • The adjustable thermostat changes temperature to a desired setting.


This unit comes with an 8-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.



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