GE 18 Gallon Capacity 120V Electric Point-of-Use Tank-Style Water Heater


GE 18 Gallon Capacity 120V Electric Point-of-Use Tank-Style Water Heater

  • 70°F-140°F Temperature Setting Range
  • Connects to 120-Volt Supply
  • 3/4" Water Inlet and Hot Water Outlet Connection Size
  • Dimensions: 19-1/4" W x 25-3/4" H x 19-1/4" D

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GE Electric Point-of-Use Tank-Style Water Heaters are perfect to boost hot water on long pipe runs inline with another water heater or as standalone units. They offer a compact design to fit in limited spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, cabins, RVs, garages, sheds, etc.


  • Can provide hot water to a single hookup, or to a small house, condo, or apartment offering whole home flexibility.
  • Connects into any 120-Volt supply.
  • Stainless steel heating element that provides reliable heat with ultra-durable design that resists rust and corrosion.
  • Durable design of anode rod extends the life of the water heater with long-lasting protection against corrosion.
  • Rust-proof construction of drain valve can be counted on to provide long-lasting service.
  • Uses standard 3/4" NPT water connections for simple installation.
  • Features an adjustable thermostat to easily change temperatures to the desired settings.


This unit comes with an 8-year limited warranty provided the unit is installed in a residential home and a 2-year limited warranty if the unit is installed in a recreational vehicle. The manufacturer will replace the entire water heater if there is a defect in materials or workmanship relating to functional parts only.



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