Mini Split Air Conditioner Durastar 28000 BTU Wall Mount 9k+9k+9k

A DRA3U28M1A is a 2.5 Ton Condenser Unit paired with DRAW09F1A 9000 BTU Wall Mount Evaporator Unit
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SKU: DR3H28W090909

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Wholesale price$4,016.26 Sale price$3,346.88

As low as $82.84 per month

Engineered for comfort, Durastar is backed by resilient technology and will withstand the test of time and nature's elements. Providing energy efficient, value-friendly HVAC equipment for every space, Durastar creates a comfortable environment for any homeowner. Durastar mini-splits are ideal for renovations, remodels and zone-specific heating and cooling needs. Durastar Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System Features Auto Restart Auto Changeover 24-Hour Timer Self Clean Function

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