How to Choose the Perfect Thermostat for Your Space
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Finding the right thermostat for your home can be life-changing. Not only can you save a significant amount of money on your heating and cooling bills by using a programmable thermostat, but you can also utilize many of the other advanced features that come with smart thermostats to your benefit. 

Before moving forward with a new thermostat, be sure to gather a thorough understanding of your current heating and cooling system
For example, do you have a gas or electric heating system? What type of cooling system do you possess? Do you have a swamp cooler or central cooling system? If you have any confusion regarding the system that you're currently using, be sure to have a qualified HVAC technician come out and inspect your system to give you a better idea of what kind of thermostat you should be searching for. 

What kinds of thermostats exist on the market?


Mechanical, or manual, thermostats are the most thermostats that are available to purchase by a homeowner. These are the thermostats that are manually set by homeowners and are often used by those who are in their space frequently or prefer steady temperatures to exist throughout the day. The mechanical/manual version is the most simplistic thermostat that exists on the market. 

Digital Nonprogrammable

A step up from this simple version is the digital nonprogrammable thermostat. In this version, users still have the simplistic comfort of the manual thermostat, this time with an easy-to-read LCD. 


For those looking to conserve energy and keep their heating and cooling budget to a wallet-friendly minimum, a programmable thermostat is your safest bet. Using the programmable thermostat, users can set fluctuating temperatures throughout the days and weeks. For example, setting the house to a lower temperature while you're not at home during the coldest months of winter can help conserve money and energy--and your home will still be warm and cozy when you come back from a long day at your 9-5. After programming your thermostat, you can simply sit back and let it do all the work. 
There are several different forms of programming that can come equipped with your programmable thermostat:
  • 1-week: A basic program that users can set for an entire week.
  • 5-1-1 programming: A standard setting that allows users to set a program on weekdays and two separate programs on Saturday and Sunday.
  • 5-2 programming: This basic program will let you set a standard program during the weekdays while you're not around and another separate program for the weekends when you might typically spend more time at home.
  • 7-day programming: If you'd like, this thermostat will allow you to set a different program for each day of the week. This is perhaps best for those who are in charge of a more chaotic schedule.

Remote Energy Management

If you like the idea of monitoring and managing your thermostat from your tablet, computer, or phone, perhaps it's time for you to invest in a thermostat that utilizes remote energy management. Along with the thermostat, you'll also need to purchase a separate hub that connects the thermostat to your home broadband network, which allows you to access the remote control of the thermostat from anywhere. 


If you find that the other thermostat options on this list aren't advanced enough for yourself and the maintenance of your home's comfort levels, it might behoove you to look into acquiring a learning or smart thermostat. While these thermostats are programmable, they eventually become so in tune with your personal heating and cooling patterns that they inevitably begin to do the programming for you. Basically, they become smart enough to create a schedule based on your heating and cooling preferences. In fact, the thermostat is even able to tell when you aren't in the home, and will lower and raise the temperature in order to conserve energy. 
Even further, these devices come with even more advanced features that make it easier to conserve energy and make the most out of your heating and cooling systems. For example, the learning or smart thermostat will often come with the ability to send out monthly reports detailing your energy usage. If you still want to program your thermostat, you can do so from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. From there, additional sensors in each room will help to maintain an even temperature throughout your home.
Which features and advanced options could you benefit from?
  • Indicator lights that come with the thermostat can let you know when your furnace needs a new filter or other applicable system function alerts.
  • If your home is prone to power outages or you don't possess the required wiring for the sort of thermostat that you desire, certain models can come with battery operation and backups.
  • Specific models are also equipped with keyboard locks to prevent children and others from messing with the programmed settings of the unit.
  • The addition of a "Vacation Mode" can also make it possible for users to set their heating and cooling systems to operate at their minimum capacity to maximize energy savings.

Most popular thermostat brands

Typically, the most popular thermostat brands are Honeywell, Amana, Google Nest, and Ecobee. In more recent years, the Nest thermostat by Google has slightly edged past the competition with its use of modern-day technology, like remote programming and temperature sensing. At the Factory Furnace Outlet, we sell Nest, Honeywell, and Amana thermostats, along with many other variations of the accompanying accessories. 

How should you install your thermostat?

If you're simply replacing an old thermostat, you should be able to rewire the new one to your furnace or applicable system with ease. However, if you're setting up an entirely new thermostat, you'll need a qualified installer to come by and wire it for you. 
You'll want to avoid installing the thermostat in areas that may shut off your home thermostat or cause it to overheat/cool or underheat/cool your home. These areas would include places with a draft, like air vents, doorways, and outside walls. 
No matter what kind of thermostat you choose to outfit your house in, the Factory Furnace Outlet has the best smart thermostat to suit your unique needs.
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Jennifer Green

Smart Thermostats are becoming more popular each year, as they help homeowners save money and energy while maintaining a comfortable temperature. Whether you have a small home or an entire complex, smart thermostats can help make your life easier.

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