MRCOOL DIY 18,000 BTU 2-Zone Wall-Mounted 9K+12K Mini-Split Heat Pump Complete System

This bundle comes complete with an 18K BTU condenser, a 9K BTU air handler, a 12K BTU air handler, and two 25 ft. line sets pre-charged with R-410A refrigerant. The line sets also have quick connectors which require no special tools, equipment, or training to install.

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The 4th Generation MRCOOL DIY 18K BTU 2-Zone Ductless Heat Pump Condenser is the latest in heat pump technology. This 2-zone condenser, when paired with select MRCOOL air handlers, is capable of producing an impressive 21 SEER efficiency rating. It also has the ability to heat even when temperatures drop to -13°F.

It features robust construction which includes a Gold Fin Condenser coating so it is sure to withstand exposure to the elements. For added peace of mind, this is the only condenser on the market that comes with a limited lifetime compressor warranty.

As a MRCOOL DIY product, this heat pump is designed specifically to be used with MRCOOL's patented Pre-Charged Quick Connect Line Sets. These line sets come pre-charged with the precise amount of R-410A refrigerant. They are also equipped with quick connectors, so the line set can be connected to the condenser by the homeowner using only wrenches. This means the installation process can be performed without retaining the services of a certified technician.

Let the 4th Generation MRCOOL DIY 18K BTU 2-Zone Ductless Heat Pump Condenser be the solution to your home's heating and cooling needs.

  • Up to 21 SEER
  • Gold Fin® condenser: corrosion resistant - live on the coast? Don't worry, our condenser is built to resist long term corrosion
  • Energy Efficient DC Inverter
  • R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Standard 7-year compressor/5-year parts warranty; register for limited lifetime compressor warranty

Air Handlers

As part of a MRCOOL DIY system, the MRCOOL DIY 9K BTU Ductless Wall Mounted Air Handler is one of the most efficient air handlers available. Not only can it produce a 22 SEER efficiency rating it can also cover an area up to 375 sq. ft.

The MRCOOL 4th Generation DIY 12K BTU Ductless Wall Mounted Air Handler is an essential component of a MRCOOL DIY system. When paired with a MRCOOL Condenser, it is capable of achieving a 22 SEER efficiency rating and has the ability to heat and cool an area of up to 500 sq ft.

MRCOOL DIY air handlers are very versatile because of their many different operating modes, which include, COOL, HEAT, AUTO, DRY (dehumidify), and SLEEP.

They also has the ability to be controlled from anywhere using an Apple or Android smartphone with our convenient Smart HVAC app. These air handlers are very compact and relatively light, so they can easily be mounted to most interior walls using the included mounting plates.

The ease of installation does not stop there, as the air handlers were designed to be used along with the MRCOOL Pre-Charged Quick Connect Line Set. This allows the installer to easily connect the refrigerant piping, which is precharged with the correct amount of R-410A refrigerant, with the use of simple hand tools. This also means the system will not require any vacuuming once the line set is connected.

MRCOOL DIY Ductless Wall Mounted Air Handlers have the performance to handle your home comfort needs.

  • Control your DIY system anywhere on the SmartHVAC app with your Apple or Android smart device and an Internet connection
  • Standard 7-year compressor/5-year parts warranty; register for limited lifetime compressor warranty
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Includes the new DIY Pro Cable, an added safety feature to protect the wiring from the outside elements

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