Gree Ceiling Cassette Indoor Decorative Grille for CAS12 and CAS18

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The Gree CASGRILLEBSM is a decorative discharge air grille. It comes from the +Multi collection that provides quiet performance through innovative design. This discharge grille is designed to be used with the Gree CAS12HP230V1AC and CAS18HP230V1AC ceiling cassettes to help provide and distribute conditioned air throughout the room, giving comfort.

Once installed with the ceiling cassette, this decorative grille is the only thing visible, which makes it easy and suitable to install even in suspended ceilings. Its beautiful white finish also brings an aesthetic appeal that complements easily with any room design. This grille is 25.5ヤ high, 25.5ヤ wide, and 2ヤ deep which is ideal to be used in large, open spaces.

  • Grille for CAS12HP230V1AC and CAS18HP230V1AC Ceiling Cassette
  • White finish
  • Easy to install even on suspended ceilings
  • Suitable to be used for any room
  • Ideal for light commercial applications in large, open spaces



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