Goodman Furnace 60000 BTU, 3 Ton AC Unit, Cased Coil Split System

AHRI Certified this Horizontal bundle under 202683682 to prove its overall efficiency is rated at 14.5 SEER. This bundle comes with the 14 SEER Condenser model GSX140361,a 60000 BTU 97 AFUE Furnace model GCVM970603BN and Evaporator Coil CSCF4860N6 and TX3N4
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The Goodman brand provides energy-efficient, reliable, cost-effective heating and cooling services to millions of customers. All Goodman brand components of this bundle come with a manufacturer's 10-year parts warranty. The installation is done by a professional, and the serial numbers on the components are registered on Goodman's website within 90 days of installation.

This split-system bundle includes:

Goodman 60,000 BTU Gas Furnace - Model GCVM970603BN:

In the case of multiple installations, this Goodman gas furnace with a self-calibrating modulating gas valve that auto-configures for each separate installation. A durable and reliable heating process is possible with the addition of the silicon nitride igniter to this high-efficiency furnace. Also, this particular home furnace is equipped to handle Auto-Comfort and other enhanced dehumidification modes. Color-coded low-voltage terminals with provisions for an electronic air cleaner come with this Goodman furnace. Multiple continuous fan speed options come with this Goodman gas furnace in order to achieve quieter air circulation.

Goodman Cased Evaporator Coil - Model CSCF4860N6:

Along with this, the evaporator coil is optimized for use with R-410A refrigerant. In order to enhance attic access of the AC coil, the evaporator coil has a 21-inch depth. Further, the evaporator coil within the furnace has foil-faced insulation that covers the internal casing to reduce cabinet condensation. The thermoplastic drain pan that comes with the Goodman evaporator coil is also DecaBDE-free and comes with secondary drain connections. The air conditioner coil is equipped with a check flowrater to enable heating and cooling operations.

Goodman 3 Ton 14.5 SEER Air Conditioner - Model GSX140361:

The compressor that comes with this air conditioner is energy-efficient. A copper tube/aluminum fin coil adds durability to this particular air conditioning unit. The air conditioner also has a contactor with a lug connection to ensure a quality air conditioning service. In order to ensure that the Goodman air conditioner is quiet and well-protected, it is encased in a heavy-gauge galvanized-steel cabinet with a louvered sound-control top. A steel louver coil guard only increases the durability of this unit.

HVAC professionals selected these components to maximize their performance and efficiency. This system is certified under AHRI # 202683682 to give you 14.5 SEER



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