3.5 Ton Heat Pump Unit with Air Handler AHRI 201677201

The GSZ140421 is a 3.5 ton Heat Pump unit that when paired with the ARUF43D14 achieves an Overall SEER rating of 14
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The Goodman brand provides energy-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective heating and cooling services to millions of customers. All Goodman brand components of this bundle come with a manufacturer's 10 year parts warranty provided the installation is done by a professional and the serial numbers on the components are registered on Goodman's website within 90 days of installation. This particular bundle, containing models GSZ140421, and ARUF43D14 is packed with advanced features that keep your space comfortable all year long.
This heat pump is built to last with a factory-installed bi-flow liquid-line filter drier. Included with this Goodman heat pump are service valves with sweat connections and easy-access gauge ports. As well as those features, the Goodman heat pump system also comes with a ground lug connection. A quiet and reliable defrost is possible with this split system heat pump's SmartShift® technology. The addition of a factory-installed high-capacity muffler ensures that your heat pump will be running for years to come and with that, ensuring that the heat pump cost will be relatively low.
The air handler unit is designed with a direct drive, multi-speed PSC blower motor. In addition to the other features included, the Rigid SmartFrame™ cabinet smartly and securely encloses the air handler unit. As well as these other features, the Goodman air handler has horizontal or vertical configuration capabilities. With a galvanized, leather grain-embossed finish, the split system air handler unit manages to look clean and subtle. You also have the option of adding a field-installed 3 KW-25 KW electric heater kit.

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