GE Drain Platform for AZ95

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  • 3-Way Chassis Access
    3-way access to all sides for easy installation, cleaning and servicing unit
  • Lightweight & rustproof
    Lightweight and moisture-resistant platform in SMC Engineered Resin supports the unit, safely contains condensate water and provides drainage for the chassis
  • Slide-in design
    A patent-pending low-friction surface with a self-locating feature makes it very easy to slide the unit in from the front and allows perfect positioning
  • Exclusive Fast Connect Plumbing
    Thoughtful design enables the platform to build and rough plumbing completed in only minutes
  • Flexible drain routing
    A versatile platform allows the primary and secondary drain fittings to be installed before the chassis, making drain install a breeze! If installed on the floor level, the primary drain can be set up on 3 sides. If installed off the floor, the primary drain be set up in any direction
  • Integrated Design
    Fully integrates with wall plenum, the platform keeps the unit in place at all times, protects the gasket and gives a robust installation for the lifetime of the product. Simply accommodates custom length with 2x4 legs Eliminates the need for a customized platform construction on site
  • Self-Aligning Lock in Place System
    Perfect fit and mistake proof when the chassis is placed on the platform


California Prop 65

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