PTAC Unit Amana 11700 BTU Heat Pump Model

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Amana PTHP Heat Pump, 12000 BtuH, 230/208V Includes Power Cord PTH123G35AXXX

Product Features
€¢ Quiet operation: STC of 28
€¢ Assembled in the USA for 30 years
€¢ Increased dehumidification capacity
€¢ 100% run-tested at our plant in
Fayetteville, TN, for leaks
€¢ 7 5/8€� unit front depth: one of the shallowest
silhouettes in the industry today
€¢ Removable condenser shroud allows easy
access to enable regular cleaning of coils
€¢ Easy pull-out filters that are washable and easy to maintain
€¢ Filter drier for sealed system refrigerant
€¢ 7-Button touch pad provides complete control to guests
for in-room comfort while maintaining energy efficiency
€¢ Condensate dispersion system removes condensate
from indoor cooling operation and evaporates it into
the atmosphere through the condenser
€¢ Digismart™ front desk control &
energy management software
€¢ Room freeze protection is activated when
the unit senses temperatures of 40°F or below
€¢ Versatile style that blends into any room's color
scheme and decor
€¢ Easy to service with on-board led diagnostics
€¢ Digismart™ wireless remote thermostat is available
€¢ Remote temperature sensing for guest climate control
€¢ Extended heat pump heating down to as low
as 24°F outdoor ambient temperature
€¢ Zero floor clearance allows unit to be installed
flush to a finished floor
€¢ 30-second fan-off delay
€¢ Compressor lock-in prevents compressor short-cycling
€¢ Constant fan mode
€¢ Hidden ventilation control
€¢ High-pressure switch

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